About IGAR

‘The Initiative Group Alpbach Romania’ has been founded in 2013 by a group of students and young professionals. Its main goal is to facilitate, through scholarships, the participation of young Romanians in the annual conference organized by the European Forum Alpbach in Alpbach, Austria in the period from the middle of August to beginning of September of each year.

Through this initiative we want to encourage dialogue among young people on topics of European relevance and enable them to enter into an open exchange of ideas.

The ‘Initiative Group Alpbach Romania’ is an apolitical, nongovernmental, non-profit, independent and humanitarian association, member of the international non-governmental organization ‘Europäisches Forum Alpbach’ (EFA) with headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

The objectives of the ‘Initiative Group Alpbach Romania’:

  • To promote EFA in Romania, on the basis of equity, tolerance and spreading of new ideas.
  • To make EFA’s values and principles known to Romanian citizens.
  • To offer scholarships to young Romanians in order to enable their participation in the annual events taking place at the European Forum Alpbach and their encounter with outstanding personalities from across the world.
  • To enable the youth to benefit from the multicultural environment offered by the EFA and encourage the exchange of youth’s opinions (ideas) and projects in fields such as economics, politics, health, natural and life sciences, arts, humanities and social sciences and European studies.
  • To inform students and graduates about opportunities of professional development in an international framework.
  • To encourage cooperation at an educational level between Romania and other European countries.
  • To promote and encourage dialogue among young people on topics of European relevance.

The EFA Network is spread throughout Europe, by the Initiative Groups and Clubs founded by former scholarship holders.

HERE you can visualize a brief presentation of IGAR, who we are and what we do .

IG Alpbach Romania is part of the EFA Network since 2013.

You can read more on the Associates Network HERE.

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